Breakfast at Trinity’s

We have been serving a side order of live music with your breakfast since February 2012.

We enjoyed our last Breakfast at Trinity’s in October 2014.  We had such a blast! Thank you to all of the fabulous artists who graced the Trinity Theatre Foyer Café stage over the years and the Trinity Theatre & Arts Centre & Foyer Café staff for supporting us!

Butterside Up Arts Group voluntarily  programmed and promoted the Breakfast at Trinity’s sessions at the Trinity Theatre & Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells.

The Trinity Theatre & Arts Centre is a registered charity and gave us the use of their Foyer Café stage and technical equipment to present our live music events over breakfast.
We invited everyone in for free, to take a seat and enjoy the amazing live music performed from the Trinity Foyer Cafe stage!

The idea behind the Breakfast at Trinity’s event was to make live music performance more accessible to the local community and showcase live music artistes in a beautiful venue space; enabling those artistes to distribute their merchandise direct to their audience; assist in the promotion of the artistes work via the Trinity Theatre & Arts Centre networks and social media.

In August 2013 we took the Breakfast at Trinity’s model to the next level. In collaboration with the Trinity Theatre & Arts Centre, we organised the Trinity Big Top a week-long arts festival, with Invisible Flock’s arts installation Bring The Happy at its core. All brought together inside a circus style, big top tent, pitched in the middle of the back garden of the Trinity Theatre!

Such fun!

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The Breakfast at Trinity’s and Trinity Big Top artistes – February 2012 to October 2014

The Ackerleys


The Branco Heist

CoCo and the Butterfields

Dan Clews

Darren Smallman

Dave Beckett

The Deets

Dorey The Wise

Dylan Brown

Ed Jones

Elainor Knight

Eleanor Mason

Emma Jane


Freddy Green

Frances Yonge

Fred Clark

Fighting for Alpha

Funke and the Two Tone Baby

Gaz Brookfield

Gary Stewart

Gentlemen of Few

Goldie Reed

Hero Blues

Hunting Bears

Jennifer Maslin & Geri Holton

Joanne Louise Parker

Joel Bailey


The Lightworker

Malcolm Head

Matt Pound & Lieutenant Leek

Mike Wilton – Standard Lamps

The Orange Circus Band

Otti Albietz

Paul Cheese

Pipe & Tabor

Seb Pettitt

Sean De Burca

Son of Kirk

Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou

Tunbridge Wells Ukulele Night Thing (TWUNT)